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Afton Consulting Group is a global human resources consulting firm with a specialty in executive search.  Providing advisory, analytics, training, and recruiting services, Afton Consulting Group is uniquely positioned to help you create and implement a sustainable strategy for your internal recruiting team while also addressing the immediate openings in your organization.

Human Resources Consulting

Afton Consulting Group is a human resources consulting firm with a specialty in talent acquisition.  We have held the position of Global Talent Acquisition Leader and can provide you with real-world, actionable guidance in three key areas:

Advisory | Analytics | Training

Recruiting Services

Your company’s unique recruiting challenges will not be corrected with a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.  Our background in both search and corporate recruiting gives us the experience needed to create specialized solutions for your unique recruiting needs, including executive, engaged, and contingency search.  


“John is a strong leader with the passion to strengthen any organization through the creative sourcing of top industry talent and the inherent ability to understand the needs of an organization in great detail.”

Patrick Wicks, Director, Talent Acquisition

“John is a true professional with a strong work ethic and business acumen. John was well respected by his peers, customers and management. I fully endorse John as he will be a tremendous asset to any organization…”

Steve Koehler, President & CEO

“John’s ability to provide necessary results in filling critical open positions comes from his strength in getting to know exactly what his clients needs are and then laying out a strategy to get to the desired goals. He always lays out a clear game plan to achieve necessary hiring quotas. John has a very ejoyable personality and is fun to work with, which seems to make the process easier for all involved.”

John Peace, Sr. Global Talent Acquisition Consultant

“John has always been dedicated to providing the best service to his clients. Underselling and over producing has been the hallmark of his style. Always organized and an asset to any organization he has been a part of.”

Christopher Cordoza, Verizon

“John leads by example, he is a hands on manager who is always available to offer guidance and trusts his employees to complete any task given to them. He has demonstrated exemplary managerial skills through constant coaching and mentoring. He continually challenges his direct reports to be the best they can be in their role and is motivated by their accomplishments. John is committed to leading the organization he works for to success as well driving his team to be at the top.”

Radha Patel, Sr. Recruiter

“…John is an exceptional person and one of the most knowledgeable professionals I know in the pharmaceutical staffing industry. Everyone I meet that knows John, loves him. John has a calming way about him that makes him a great partner during those stressful recruiting and hiring times. He knows how to get the job done and I hold him as one of my closest allies in the ‘war for talent’.”

Chad Hensler, VP of Sales & Marketing

“Personable and professional, John is always on the move, listening to the needs of his clients and translating those needs into action that his team can deliver on. John is a huge pleasure to work with. He maintains a track record of success that speaks to his leadership and solid service.”

Mike Jarvinen, VP Marketing

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